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About us

The idea to create a public control mechanism of the medical workers raised not out of theory but under influence of the tragic death of my 24 years old wife Zoryana Petkanych.

She was treated in Uzhgorod city hospital for more then 3 weeks, during this time diagnoses were changed repeatedly; summing up to 5 different ones, none of them correct, and as a sequence Zoryana died.

It was bacterial meningitis that caused this and it was discovered only by autopsy.

The website www.skarga.net should be part of a public control mechanism.

Momentarily we work on the documents required for registration of the Patients' Rights Protection League.

We work on this project with converging efforts of alike-minded people whom are open to any type of cooperation in the field of patients' rights protection and look forward to exchange successful experiences of bringing to justice doctors and medical institutions which neglected their functions and by this caused serious damage.

Fedir Petkanych Founder and manager of the project
Yuriy Trompak Technical development of the project, web design, website administration

Дата публікації: 03.04.2006
Сторінку прочитано: 324 рази

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